Spring and Summer grass track, chaingangs, TTs, road racing, youth coaching and more! /// CCA Spring Grass Track Racing, Sat 11 May 2019 for Seniors, Youths and Kids /// Well done CCA Primavera Road Races organiser and helpers

Tour of Wessex 2019; Sat 25th - Mon 27th May

Planning to do this one next year - think MC is up for it too - anyone else?



  • Good man.
    I'm in too.

  • Tempted, was great fun last time. Will Check the calendar.
  • Did anyone end up signing up for this?
  • I'm tentative depending on a greenlight from Mrs MC.
    I am away for the previous bank hols cycling... might be a little touchy...

  • Looks really good. If I come back from Trans Portugual on the 13th of May after 8 stages without any major issues with my body I would be OK to go but would not want to commit any entry fees until I get back alive and kicking 😀 But yes interested 👍
  • Sorry but I'm out owing to not having been on a bike most of the year - will be out later in the summer
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