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2019 Training Rides Yorkshire/Durham.

Well that went well. 1st ride since early November. 40 miles at 13. Nice weather here from next weekend onwards so planning a couple more.
In Herts this week so planning to chat with Mark about dates up here for Italian trip.
More later. .


  • Mark has suggested the first training ride for the May bank holiday weekend which should give most an opportunity to do 3 days so May 4th 5th and 6th Saturday to Monday. Any takers?
  • nice day. did 54 miles at 13 mph 3500ft so happy with that. Need to speed up but its early days yet. hope you all had a good ride today.
  • another stunning day. Managed a short one. 34 miles 2500ft. same speed. Getting there slowly. Might be up to speed by the time you get here in May :-)
  • A lot of climbing geoff! Jealous
  • No need Nat. Just roll up here and enjoy. Just the petrol :-)
  • Got out for a 40mile ride yesterday. Snow everywhere today. 8.15 start with some ice but warmed up later.
  • Cheeky 44miles this morning. Now down in radwell. Much to sort On the development..Down for the week so hoping to get a ride in if things go well.
  • got a couple of recent rides....Friday was a windy easterly ride out towards North York Moors. 43 miles out against an average 17mph and 40miles return via Northallerton https://www.mapmyfitness.com/routes/view/2456487007
    Monday with Jeremy P. (who sends his regards) https://www.mapmyfitness.com/routes/view/2459352739 46 mile hilly in Cumbria.Not fast but good miles. Getting the fitness is going to be hard this year.
  • 40miler planned today finishing at Richmond when I collect car. Always a good ride.
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