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CCA Spring Classic - G-Ride Sunday 19th May

Spring Classic G-Ride 2019 Sunday 19th May

A bit later than previous versions due to various clashes but it will mean probably mean more dust than mud.

9am from the Three Tuns.

Think of it as our version of the Strade Bianchi on the surfaced (rough and potholed but surfaced) and unmade lanes of Hertfordshire. 80-90 miles with 20 miles of unmade roads. This year's version will be anti-clockwise and will include some new sections in South Cambridgeshire. I've removed some of the rougher, more eroded tracks so things will be smoother and should flow a bit quicker.

The only rule is your bike must have road/touring tyres, no cyclo-cross tyres. Otherwise I recommend you leave your best carbon bike at home.

Book out the whole day it's not a ride to rush.

A badge for every finisher - please Martin!


  • This year's route will be about 145km. A bit longer than last year but I reckon the route is a bit smoother and faster. Anti-clockwise this year starting with the Greenway and with sections in South Cambs to finish. Lunch stop at Puckeridge - I need numbers for this so let me know if you are coming. Possible afternoon tea stop at Melbourn or Wimpole.

    The Hare Street Cafe has reopened as the Sunflower tea Rooms with new owners and new kitchens meaning faster service, so is a fall back option for lunch.

    This year's sections.

    1. ** Ashwell Street 0.6 km
    2. * Greenway (Norton Bury Lane) 1.5 km
    3. * Greenway (Baldock) 3 km
    4. ** Greenway (Willian) 2.5 km
    5. *** Tranchee de Ardeley 2 km
    6. * Beggarmans Lane 1 km
    7. *** Whitehill 1.1 km
    8. * Lowgate Lane 0.9 km
    9. * Youngsbury 2 km
    10. * Cold Christmas 1.2 km
    11. ** Bakers End 2 km
    12. * Latchford 0.8 km
    13. *** Dassells Berg 1.1 km
    14. ** Beauchamps 3 km
    15. ** Chrishall Common 1.6 km
    16. * Park Wood 1.1 km
    17. * Wimpole Way 1 km
    18. *** Church Lane 5.5 km
    19. * St Johns Church 2.5 km
    20. ** Cockayne Hatley 2.7 km
    21. ** Dunton Descent 3 km
    22. ** Ashwell Street 0.4 km

  • Mark - I'll be there and will hopefully drag at least one other SNCC member along too


  • So far:
    Mark and Stevie
    Simon R + 1
    Richard L
    Daniel D
    Dave H
    Tim D
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