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CCA Tour of Italy - May Training Weekend / 4th-5th-6th May 2019

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Won't go crazy on the first one but I intend to take up the offer from GG to ride the countryside in Durham.
Spectacular scenery and far more 'realistic' landscape for training - personally this was a life saver for me for the last big CCA organised ride in the Pyrenees.
Tan Hill, Buttertubs... etc all excellent training.
Rough plan but will let GG orgnise the routes locally of course:
Day 1: Medium ride
Day 2: Longer ride
Day 3: "Club Run" 40m ish

My current plan is to leave off early Saturday morning - probably set off about noon-ish.

Please post up here who is interested.



  • Hey MC, i'm definitely interested though I'd need a lift as I don't drive but happy to contribute for petrol and a little extra if anyone can help out.


  • Great Mark. Ifyou leave that late youwont be up in time fora medium ride. It's 4hrs and Saturday can be busy leave by 9 to 10 latest. We can then fit in a cheeky 45miles and clean up ready to go out for a meal.
  • I fly into Stansted on the Saturday around 10.30am, so realistically wouldn't be able to leave Letchworth until 1.30pm. If anyone else can't get away until later in the day i'm happy to travel up with them, and just do the long Sunday, and the 40m(ish) club ride, heading back Monday PM.

    I can take three passengers & bikes if that's any use.
  • sounds sensible Paul. Looking forward to seeing you all then
  • I cant make that weekend i am afraid, sorry, thanks for the offer though Geoff
  • Updates please Mark.......so far you, Alistair, Paul. Maybe Tony, Not Tim
    Any more takers. You've got the whole weekend.
    I can do you a short lumpy ride for a late arrival up here Saturday if you leave at noon. Just to tickle the legs :-)
    Jeremy P. will be joining us for Sat and Sun.
  • Hi Geoff - quick update (in my lunch break), I will be coming up Saturday morning 04/05.
    Mr Phil keen potentially on his radar also but he is away on the Friday (like myself) so will come up Saturday morning.
    GG will keep you posted.

    As you said above, Tim can't make it - Pauls could on the Sunday ride onwards.

    Other guys - will check on the Sunday runs and ask them to post up here.

    Alistair - what town do you live in / read your post above about no car...

  • Hey MC I'm in Biggleswade, near Langford side.
  • Cool Alistair ;-)
    Will sort nearer the time.

  • good news Mark. It's early days for training, especially for me. So this first weekend won't be a killer one. Depending when you get here Saturday we can fit in either a 30 mile 3000ft or 50 mile 5000ft. Nice cafe stop if needed/wanted. Won't be fast but will give riders a feel for the hills.
    Sunday I am planning a rolling ride out to the North York moors.87 to 97 miler 3500ft to 4500ft. Depends on day and weather and how people are feeling.2/3 cafe stops.decide on day
    Monday club ride 40'ish with cafe stop. A bit lumpy and my regular training loop.
    Friday evening I'll book a great Indian in Barnard Castle and Saturday a good Italian in Barnard C.
    That's the plan at present in outline.
    I appreciate that we have many of the classic climbs here and some will want to test themselves against these.
    I have planned all these and some unknown gems into future rides as we get nearer and fitter. I appreciate that some of you may already be ready to tackle these at pace but in truth I am not there yet.
    It's more about riding as a club and sharing the experience for me and I hope you also.
    If this fits with you then I look forward to a great weekend. Hopefully weather will be good to us.
  • Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for the invite but I am away on Rugby tour that weekend. I will be up your neck of the woods the weekend of 22/23 June for the ‘Yorkshire Beast’
  • cheers Martin. That's a crippler of a ride....enjoy. Are you dropping in here then?
  • Looks like 5coming including Jeremy for Sat and Sun. Final numbers would be appreciated so I can book table for 2 evening meals.
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