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Hell of St Neots - Sunday 14th April

after a weather-break last year the HoSN is back for 2019, but I'm afraid I don't have too much more info at this stage beyond 'all welcome'

I've asked for some more info from this year's organiser and will add as soon as received



  • Thanks Simon, will for sure to coming along to this.
  • I've just rec'd the following re HoSN. I'm away but you'll be in good hands with Gary who is only a relatively recent convert to skinny tyres so should know his stuff for local trails. I'll let him know you'll (hopefully) be there


    Sunday 14th April 2019 sees the return of the "Hell of St Neots", a homage to the Paris Roubaix event held on the same day.

    Riders should meet in the Market Square as usual at 8:30 for a 50 mile route that is primarily on road but interspersed with “sectors” of trails to replicate the pavé of the continent.

    The route is completely rideable on a road bike, but you may wish to bring some extra inner-tubes just in case.

    The ride will be led by Gary Adnitt and those who complete the distance will be treated to Frites & Mayo as reward for their endeavours.
  • I'm hoping to be there as well.
  • I've asked for a GPS route to put in your Garmins, will send asap
  • route for Sunday's HoSN www.strava.com/routes/18024038

    have fun
  • Simon, thank Gary for the ride. I became separated from them by traffic at the square as they were heading for the pub and I was going back to my car.

    Tell him and the crew that they are all welcome on the G-Ride.
  • will do; glad you could make it

    see you for the G-Ride
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