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Sunday 31st March Spring Club Run 9:00am & 8:00am Geoff Denny 100m @ 3-Tuns

All - 8am I’m going to cruise around the 100miler Geoff Denny circuit.
Intention is to build up a bit of mileage under the belt and to keep the momentum of the 3-cafes ride going.
There’s some turn offs on this route if you don’t fancy the 100m, there is a 50 and 80 miler cut off.
I’ll be stopping for 2 lunches: 1 @ Meringa Tree / 2 @ Buntingford.

Club Run as normal.

The wind is an easterly which is unusual and the temp will reach double digits.



  • Who fancies which ride?
  • Shame I can’t be there, I would liked to have seen how far I could go. Good luck.
  • I will head out for 9am - 50 or so. Will be @ Tuns
  • i will be there m.c. might split at Buntingford stop according to time.
    dont forget clocks go forward , i can meet you at the bottom of langford water
    tower let me know if anything changes
  • Hi mc. Yes ok. Be over at 8 and stay with yu hopefully to Buntingford when I will split for Ardeley
  • jess - see you at 9am
  • Strappy / See you in Langford about 8:15/20 on the way through ;-)
    Harvey123 - see you at the 3-tuns bright and breezy.

    Other guys at 9 - have a good one

  • One other thing - we’ll stop at those cafes both of them take cards so no need for cash ;-)

  • Ok. See u at 8 👍
  • On way over...
  • Didn’t manage the complete circuit as I broke a spoke and my wheel buckled unfortunately.
    So we ended up turning back at Everton and then back to Ashwell. :-(

    We also saw the 9.00am crew out pounding along after coming down the Everton hill.

    Keith - we lost somewhere around Cardington. By the time I got to the top of the hill before turning left we think you carried on but were out of sight. Hope you got back ok - next time I’ll take your number so we can call you.

    Geoff Denny for another day then...
    Plus when it is warmer than 6 degrees too!

  • Hi Mark. Yes sorry I missed the left turn. Would like to complete that ride. Maybe next weekend if you have the time. The 8 am start for a longer ride would work better
    My mobile is 07392 081998
    Hope you get the wheel fixed quickly
  • @09:00 crew, apologies for being a tad late and dropping off early. Legs were still sore from yesterday so just did a slow loop home... next time... :)

    Still loving my new shirt... bit chilly this am though!!
  • mc.

    glad you got back ok , i met kieth coming down from from langford tower so i new i wouldn't have to search for him while doing my xtra few miles around cardington area.

    struggled a bit in that wind but just managed to clock up 62 mls @ 17.2.

    see you next week
  • What's in your mind for Sunday MC. I am keen for an 8 am start and do the 100 Not due to rain until after 2 pm
  • Can’t stay out for the 100 tomorrow so will plan for another Sunday. Will post up now for tomorrow :-)

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