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Sunday 7th April Spring Club Run 9:00am @ 3-Tuns

Post clocks change, we’ll stretch the miles out a bit more.
Planned ride is Graffam as we have a northeasterly.
See you all at the Tuns at 9.



  • Who’s out? - post here :-)
  • see you tomorrow MC
  • Should be out
  • sorry lads i have had a stinking cold most of this week so will be stuck in doors.

    GUTTED. see you next week.

  • I'm in :)
  • See you next Sunday mc Not over today
  • edited April 7
    I'm out, see you after a deep pan pizza brekkie!
  • Good ride - spritely keen ride - got up to Graffam and back before it rained.
    Enjoyed that - best ride of the year so far.
    See you all soon ;-)

  • Ditto ! Legs r feeling it now!
  • ...punchy...
  • Enjoyed that.... in a funny kinda way.
  • What were the 'official' stats again Phil?
  • 58 and 19.5
  • Felt like the other way round!
  • crikey glad i was ill would have struggled with that pace.
  • boom it is.........haha.
    you guys are priceless..
    remind me please.....were these 9am club rides supposed to encourage new riders to feel comfortable they could manage to hang in there?
    obviously an enjoyable blast but will definitely put off new comers unless you are promoting a racing club.
    how many are up here in Durham for that May bank hol. ride Mark?
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