Spring and Summer grass track, chaingangs, TTs, road racing, youth coaching and more! /// CCA Spring Grass Track Racing, Sat 11 May 2019 for Seniors, Youths and Kids /// Well done CCA Primavera Road Races organiser and helpers


This thread is purely for information regarding the Women's race on April 22nd, 2019. Please do not comment on the thread.

Start sheet:

Jennifer Andrews
Michelle Arthurs-Brennan
Cindy Berry
Deena Blacking
Rosamund Bradbury
Georgia Bullard
Kimberlee Charlton
Greta Cowen
Francesca Cutts
Donna Dale
Elizabeth Danckert
Samantha Fawcett
Danielle Forshaw
Madeleine Gammons
Rebecca Hair
Francesca Hall
Kirstin Hamilton
Ffion James
Karina Kaufmann
Hannah Lancaster
Sophie Lankford
Alison Lilley
Alicia Lisle
Nicola Lynch
Tilly Malbon
Polly Mason
Keira McVitty
Kerry Middleton
Katrina Murphy
Molly Patch
Harley Pell
Olivia Poole
Rebecca Richards
Alison Rothnie
Laura Senior
Elena Spanou
Vivienne Tomlin
Toni Wilkes
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