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ECCA Marshalling Allocation Update

Thank you to previous responders and offers of help contact details can be obtained via their website 2019 diary tab

please see email from E.C.C.A. below:

Here is the club ‘s 2019 marshalling allocation. The organiser’s contact details can be found on the ECCA website, 2019 Diary tab, but they will be getting in touch with the club’s marshalling secretary prior to the event.

Link to website is - http://easterncounties.org.uk/

Your events are –
May 6th, E91/15, John Cottee - 2 Duties
May 26th, E2/25, Chris Dyason - 2 Duties
Jun 23rd, E2/100, John Golder - 1 Duty


  • 6th May Cancelled.. thank you for volunteering, this still counts! 😀
  • Thanks for the update! Free's up my day for a long ride then!
  • Dave and I can do the two duties on 26th May, unless anyone else had already volunteered for these?
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