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Saturday 13th April 9.30am spring/winter club ride

After last week's hill-fest something a little less vertically challenging this week. Lets head west to do this rolling route:


Ashwell-Langford-Mepershall-Barton-Harlington-Westoning-Silsoe-Upper Gravenhurst-Shillington-Henlow-Ashwell

Should be a good few miles of new(ish) roads for us to explore, as I think we have only done some of this route once before.

See you in the morning, don't forget your winter woollies, cos it ain't going to be warm !!


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    Nine of us out yesterday for the Bedfordshire spin. Supposed to be spring but felt like mid-winter & strange to be on the summer bik in winter kit !

    Started off sunny enough, but then some nasty looking black clouds rolled in out near Harlington & then chucked some light hail at us. Luckily though the planned route went right and the clouds went left, so it was just a case of keep heading for the sunshine.....

    Bit of a headwind on the way back but we were powered along by the fantastic engines of Gary and Richard. Then it was the traditional wind up down Loves Lane that Tim took with his Zwift training power !!

    So 46 at a shade under 17. Thanks all, enjoyed that :)
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