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Good Friday - 19th April 8am Blue Egg

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Any plans for this coming Friday. The weathers looking good, so was thinking of a trip over to Tring for coffee,and returning via Bison Hill.


  • I'm in....you can navigate....
  • Whats the distance plse Paul?
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    From Letchworth and back it's 69m and 4600ft, so a fairly rolling route.I thought it would replicate one of the easier days in Italy. Happy to do one of our earlier starts, so let me know.

    This has been the Tour de France ride that we've done in July each year on a Friday. We have met up at the Garden City Brewery in Letchworth, then headed to The Cog Cafe in Tring. On return to Letchworth it's a social afternoon watching a mountain stage of the Tour, with a few drinks that goes on into the evening. There is a post for this years ride on the forum which I'll bring back to the top.

  • Depends if u want to wait for me up every hill or not, as u know, not quite got my climbing legs yet! ;-)

    Or maybe a flatish burn out east enjoying the sunshine :)
  • To be honest i don't mind, i just thought going out that way would make a bit of a change for us. The last couple of times we've been out it's been a bit quick, so maybe
    if we take it down a notch it should be okay.
  • ....forecast is showing breeze coming in from the east/north east so makes sense we go out in that direction....
  • I'm fine with east, just let me know what time you want to leave Ashwell.
  • I'm sensing a Tuns Garden refresher at the end :)
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    ...could go out to blue egg and come back via finchingfield, radwinter, saffron, chishill...it's about 69 miles and 3600ft....checked the blue egg and they are opening at 10am...so if we leave ashwell at 8am we should get there bang on time....
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    Nice Easter theme Phil, see you Friday.
  • ...oh yeah....I didn’t spot that...
  • Here's the Blue Egg route we did last summer, std way out - then back via Finchingfield, Hellions Bumstead, Castle Camps and Saffron


    Enjoy :)
  • i should be there if i'm not leave with out me.
  • I am ok with that one. See u at 8 Chaps 👍
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    5 out...a good rolling route.....top timing on getting to the blue egg at 10am...before the "rush"....blimey it was busy....

    69 miles.....3600ft...18.2 avg
  • Great ride, thanks Phil for towing me towards the end... a nice couple of cheeky ones in the Tuns then passed out for 2 hours wen home ! Not sure if it was the beers or the route haha!!
  • Top ride, also enjoyed a power nap due to the miles...possibly ale🤔
  • yes was a great ride and a nice cafe stop, thanks for all the pulling as normal phil.
    got back with 86 @ 18 avg , i was starving after that effort so i had a mountain of grub on the bbq
    with plenty of cold beers to wash it down. NICE.
    see you over the weekend
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